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Clemens Lauer

FIG. 1: Estintore Collection, 2016.

Estintore is a design-intervention. Little but effective changes are implied in existing products of the low price market chain of furniture-discounters and hardware shops. It works like this: Products are bought by the designer, get changed, packed again as they were before and are brought back into the market and can thus be bought by new customers, who expect the original product as displayed in the market. In the packages they find instead the Estintore changed product. Every piece has an information with it, so the new owners can get back to Estintore production with comments or complaints about the unexpected purchase.

The project emerges from various ideas. It tries to give people access to design, who buy objects rather out of a certain need (for a chair, a wardrobe, etc.) instead of buying things they could potentially love. Decisions for the purchase of the range of objects, that are changed by Estintore, are rather coming from a shortage of means – not out of the questions, what we want to surround ourselves with. The economical mechanisms of the market are ironized and pushed upside down in a humorous way by using them and turning them into another purpose. This → Estintore method gives the designer an abundance of artistic freedom, bypassing the production chain.

FIG. 2: Estintore Box

FIG. 3: Estintore Peanut.

FIG. 4: Estintore Chair.

FIG. 5: Estintore Table

FIG. 6: Estintore Board.

FIG. 10: Estintore Wardrobe.

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